Meet the Team

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Estimated read time 2 min read

Who Are We?

We are a book-crazed crew of literary enthusiasts with a primary focus on African Literature, Science Fiction, and Fantasy.

We naturally love these genres, having been nurtured on the figurative tits of the best authors and titles available. Even fully grown as we are, we have never lost our thirst for this most nutritious of foods, with our over-eager minds taking an almost childish delight in devouring tomes, and of course, experiencing the full range of emotions that come with reading happy and sad books.

Our paramount desire is to read as many Fantasy, Science Fiction, and African Literature novels as we can fit into our cranial recesses, at least until we reach Hood’s Gate.

We aren’t partial to the subgenres too! Epic, Urban, Space Opera, Dystopian, Military, and Apocalyptic are our bread and butter, and we consume them just as easily as we do Young Adult, Afro-Futurism, Afro-Jujuism, Contemporary, Coming-of-Age, High, and Steampunk.

The only way to show you just how much we love reading is to write quality content for your digest, specifically Book Reviews. This way, you can bask in our euphoria, shed tears with us at the death of a favorite character, and experience grim reflection at even grimmer realities of any one of the thousands of gripping plotlines contained within the pages of our favourite books.

We enjoin you to read our Book Reviews, News Section, Blog Posts, and our out-of-the-way Movie Review Section. You are sure to find them as much fun reading, as we did writing.