Shroud of Eternity (Sister of Darkness: The Nicci Chronicles #2) by Terry Goodkind

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In Shroud of Eternity, Nicci, Nathan, and Bannon encounter a society so thick will a strange kind of evil that the light of Lord Rahl’s truth cannot permeate it. Instead, all of their efforts are focused on achieving their objectives while escaping the alluringly deadly city of Ildakar before the shroud is raised once more.

While they’re in the city, each one of the three of them is sucked into whirlwinds of cruelty, rebellion, and hidden agendas. They must each find their way across their different paths, paths riddled with deep secrets, dangerous women, and powerful destructive magic.

In Shroud of Eternity, Terry Goodkind once again shows that he can consistently churn out first-rate epic fantasy all set in one big world.

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The storytelling is smooth and easy. There are no needless embellishments in the form of plot-distracting world-building. The author continues his trend of writing books in such a way that they can be read as stand-alones.

The themes are typical Terry Goodkind: good, evil, and the ideology of freedom. While other readers could complain about the recurring themes, the author’s ability to present these themes in these kinds of stories is worthy of commendation.

Another cliffhanger ending! Hopefully, the next book will be out soon!

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