Book Review: Small by Small by Ike Anya

Small by Small

I liken reading this book to eating a balanced diet. 

You know just how satisfying eating a bowl of your favorite meal is? Small by Small is exactly like that, leaving you quite content. 

The chapter titles are named rather than numbered, which makes you feel like there is no pressure to hurry through, that you can read at your own pace, and that if anyone asks you what chapter you are on, you can happily confuse them when you say there are no chapter numbers.

I humbly believe that I am well-read. However, this book had me frequently checking my dictionary for the meaning of new words.  

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Another thing I admire about Small by Small is the author’s love for books and how far he would go to get them. He went around with books, even to the beach, which gladens my heart as it takes one bookworm to identify another. He also mentioned a couple of authors I am going to look up in my free time.

I like how he admits to his shortcomings. His giving into peer pressure, feeling like a fraud in front of a patient’s relatives, taking resits, and falling into a situational depression make him more human to me, and his compassion towards others is also admirable.

He also has a sense of humor that may often make you laugh out loud. I know I did.

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Small by Small opened my eyes to the dynamics of the medical profession in Nigeria. I’d always wondered why hospitals refer patients to specific pharmacies and labs, why nurses and matrons seemed powerful, and why certain processes were often long and cumbersome. Now I have answers!

I am curious about how he is able to recall instances in his past right down to facial expressions and attires. Some people are blessed with a good memory. 

I can assure you that you’ll enjoy reading Small by Small, and if for any reason you don’t, your vocabulary will be enriched, and you’ll have a veritable list of recommended authors to try out.

P.S.- He never did mention what happened afterward with Chief Dr Oluwalogbon. Dr, any gist? 

Funke Adegbokiki

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