Ogadinma by Ukamaka Olisakwe

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Like every young girl, Ogadinma dreams of gaining admission into the university and studying literature. Like most girls in our society today, those dreams are shattered after a chain of bad events and poor decisions.

I honestly feel this should be a book every woman/girl should read because most women have silently experienced or are currently experiencing what Ogadinma went through. I must warn you at some point, you will feel like killing so many characters in this book.

This book deals with themes of child marriage, rape, patriarchy, misogyny and domestic violence. I don’t think I can emphasise this loud enough- please do not marry out a female child before they attain the level of maturity they need to become a wife and a mother. At some point in this book, I even forgot that Ogadinma was aged only between 16 and 19.

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I don’t want to rant about this book because it would mean dropping spoilers. So, please get a copy, as it is worth the read. Just know that at some point, we all wished we could kill Tobe, his sister and Ogadinma’s father (you are not alone if you eventually feel this way)

I recommend this book to anyone keen on African books that cover the themes of rape, child marriage and domestic violence.

P.S. Please, I can’t be the only one that wanted Tobe to die. Do like this ✋if you are on this table.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Annabelle Obie

Annabelle has been a lover of reading from a tender age. She has an avid interest in African literature because through those books, she has visited various African countries. She has a hunger to learn about other cultures from reading and wants to share her reading experience with the world.

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