The Incredible Dreams of Garba Dakaskus

The Incredible Dreams of Garba Dakaskus by Umar Abubakar Sidi

Posted by Lubbatu Maitafsir on June 12, 2024

"Who is Garba Dakaskus? The question struck me. I am awakened. I am Garba Dakaskus, the narrator and principal character in a novel written by Garba Dakaskus."


Garba Dakaskus holds the most powerful treasure in the world, the famous mystical book "A Guide to the Secrets of Alphabet," and is now being pursued by the most powerful, influential agencies in the world. A world-famous literary agency hired a notorious killer to hunt down both Garba Dakaskus and the book.

In order to protect himself, Garba assigned himself to a mental institution in Kware, Sokoto State, Nigeria. Right that minute, the occupants of Room 206 in Kware Village, with his astonishing way of storytelling, took us through time, history, and magical worlds to discover why the book in his possession was the most valuable asset that's been hunted worldwide.


The best word I can think of to describe The Incredible Dreams of Garba Dakaskus is mesmerizing. It was such an incredibly hard book to read, yet it was also a beautiful book. It was written so cleverly, powerfully, poignantly, with raw knowledge, and in the strangest prose I haven't read before. 

While it was an extraordinary experience, a one-of-a-kind story, perhaps something I would have perceived as the type of book that keeps us reading, I felt the writing was a bit more complex and not favorable for noncritical readers.

The Incredible Dreams of Garba Dakaskus is an interwoven mystical tale about the power of knowledge, literature, magic, art, philosophy, continents, cultures, and religions. Despite the differences in the narrations, the story weaves itself together and creates a vivid, picturesque world in the minds of its readers.

I honestly haven't read anything like this before. This is a new take on African Fiction, and I recommend everyone read it.

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