The List

The List by Yomi Adegoke

Posted by Nasiba Mbabe Bawa on November 20, 2023

In her debut novel, The List, Yomi Adegoke weaves a tale that thrusts us into the life of Ola, a passionate advocate for women's rights who works for a women's magazine.

Despite her joyous preparation to wed Michael, the love of her life, Ola faces a devastating scandal. A list surfaces, tainting Michael as an abuser, challenging Ola's ideals, and forcing her into a dilemma: uphold her principles or extend grace to Michael.

The narrative peels back layers of societal hypocrisy, spotlighting the dichotomy between condemning abuse from afar and facing it within our own circles. Ola grapples with the weighty decision to stand by her principles or defend her beloved, fiancé Michael.

This book confronts us to ask ourselves fundamental questions: Are we quick to denounce wrongdoing until it implicates someone close to us? Can we genuinely champion justice without confronting uncomfortable truths within our own homes?

The List delves into the murky territory of the possibility of false accusations and the effects of these false accusations on people.

As Ola confronts the possibility of Michael's innocence amidst the risk of false allegations, the book provokes contemplation about giving the benefit of the doubt and the ramifications of such decisions.

Does extending belief equate to compromise, or does it reflect a more profound dilemma of reconciling personal beliefs with love and loyalty?

Adegoke's narrative may have stirred crucial dialogues, yet the characters, though frustrating, serve as conduits, forcing us to face these pressing societal issues. The List resonates with urgent conversations, urging us to examine our beliefs, confront uncomfortable realities, and reassess our responses to complex moral dilemmas.

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