The Three of Us by Ore Agbaje-Wiliams

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The Three of Us is a book narrated over 24 hours about three people- a husband, a wife, and her best friend.

The last set of characters to annoy me this much were characters from Odufa. I love that this book is divided into three parts, giving us each character’s POV narration.

As adults, we are responsible for our actions, so I don’t side with any of the three characters because they are all foolish (pardon my French)

The strict African parent theme made me feel bad for the wife. Getting halfway into her story, all traces of pity disappeared because of her nonchalant behaviour and lack of honesty. I still don’t understand how she allowed some things to slide and still thinks she is normal. She ran away from her controlling parents to marry a subtle controlling man and a very calculative intrusive, controlling best friend.

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I thought the husband was a victim initially, but he eventually turned out to be a goat 😭. Why would you marry someone and assume you have the same goal without discussing it first? He even went ahead to picture how their lives would be without truly understanding the kind of partner he settled with. I also didn’t quite understand what caused the root of hatred between himself and his wife’s best friend, but one thing I know is he decided to pick the version of his wife he wanted and ignored other versions, which was the root of their marital issues.

The best friend? Somebody, please hold me. I was ready to commit murder in the last part of the book! This character was just too annoying and messy. She failed to understand boundaries and ended up sabotaging her friend’s marriage. Guys, be careful of such sly friends. Stay away from them, as they’re extremely dangerous.

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As much as the characters annoyed me, I enjoyed reading The Three of Us. Did I learn anything? Yes, yes, and yes. No matter how long you have known each other, you can never fully know someone. So, before settling down with someone, ensure your core values and goals align. Love is blind, but marriage is the eye opener.

The only thing I didn’t like about The Three of Us was the unsatisfying ending and the constant flashbacks (this is a ‘me’ problem because I don’t like too many flashbacks in books).

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