An Echo in the Darkness (Mark of the Lion #2) by Francine Rivers

The most wanted bachelor don tire….. Permit my language!

Marcus reminds me so much of King Solomon, with all the money, wisdom, and lavishness of the Roman empire at his beck and still had something missing.

An Echo in the Darkness chronicles the story of a man who watches the love of his life die and is unable to do anything to stop it. The helplessness of that moment is something no one should feel.

We watch Marcus realize that he is just a man, and that is a hard pill to swallow for this man whose seemingly larger than life.

To feel closer to her, he sets out to see her Homeland and understand the very thing she was willing to die for. Seeing how God takes this ugly chapter of Marcus’s life and turns it into a beautiful story is just so characteristic of Him.

In a turn of events and encounter Marcus must learn hard lessons of forgiveness, patience, control, and trusting God’s timing because nothing’s lost when God is involved.

If you think Christian books are boring, my darling, think again. You’ve clearly not picked up the Mark of the Lion series from Francine Rivers.

Anyways it’s the details for me in this book 😌.

Oghenetega Elizabeth Obukohwo

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