My Sister, the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite

Posted by Funke Adegbokiki on January 12, 2022

I picked up this book because of the title, as I have known many authors who write such ambiguous title. In truth, it is really a book about a serial killer in Nigeria, and I think this is the first Nigerian novel I have read that addresses it.

The story evolves around two sisters and their unique relationship which involves one killing off her boyfriends in supposed self defense, and the other clearing off the mess.

Only when Ayoola set her sights on Korede's long time crush, does she start to rethink things. Peep the dark humor!

I love the fact that there are no chapters. I loved the use of flashbacks; it flowed with the storytelling and bought shocking insights into why Ayo is that way. 

I sincerely feel sorry for Korede but she chooses that part.

There is a need to advocate checking one's mental state. I really do not want to spoil the book for anyone who would read it, but most of these issues emanate from the home and upbringing.

Fathers should be Fathers, and Mothers should stop doting on one child; such acts are harmful in the long run.

At one point,  I wanted it to end because of Korede's mental state, as I felt her anguish. Although she was able to find an outlet, it didn't last. I love the fact the author could move my emotions this way, and I have already imagined how it would all end in my head: spectacular and sad.

Although the fishes would disagree.

I recommend if you want to read an unconventional novel. It is totally worth the 5 ⭐ it gets.

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