Oathbringer (The Stormlight Archive #3) by Brandon Sanderson

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While the world-building and magic system once again does not fail to disappoint, the plot threads leave a lot to be desired.

Oathbringer took me a long, long while to read, almost a month, although I had other literary engagements in between…

The plot becomes more complex here as the author continues from where he left off in Words of Radiance. So far, I have a feeling the main storyline is yet to start. There’s an awful amount of buildup in this book compared to the previous books in the series. It’s like the author is trying to fill in gaps in history and setting all at one go. The end result is that very, very little of note happens until the final few pages, where there’s a battle between the forces of Odium and Dalinar.

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The style is becoming a bit more modern, with a hint or two of science fiction. Oathbringer is by far the least ‘epic’ of my favourite fantasy series. It is perhaps the most magic-heavy single book I’ve ever read.

There is a seamless switching of multiple POVs in one chapter, which takes some getting used to. There’s also an awful amount of flashbacks. The writing is packed chock-full of witty, memorable quotes.

Contrary to some opinions, Brandon Sanderson’s characters are flawed; it is evident in the seemingly perfect way he presents his characters. He allows his readers to see his characters in their full glory while also catching more than glimpses of their vulnerability, fears and weaknesses.

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On the other hand, I think his protagonists are too powerful, and too many of them get multiple chances at redemption. The real world isn’t like that.

Perhaps, I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I could have because of a variety of spoiler facts I received from others… Well, I don’t think it was altogether bad. Just far too little happened for my liking.

Hopefully, the fourth book turns out better than this one.

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