The Tyranny of Faith (Empire of the Wolf #2) by Richard Swan

The Tyranny of Faith

Five stars for the improved writing.

Five stars for the action-packed pages

Five stars for the brilliant pacing

Another five stars for the blockbuster starter.

My stingy book rating mood still persists, as I was tempted to dock one star from this book. Reading so many poor books last year has made me this harsh. But I suppose there’ll have to be an exception to the rule. As a result, I’m giving The Tyranny of Faith the full five stars that it well deserves.

Where The Justice of Kings seems like a sturdy but slow donkey plodding steadily along a well-worn path, The Tyranny of Faith is like a war destrier smashing its path through a field of men. The book’s first half is an utter maelstrom, a hurricane that only slows slightly for a brief hiatus midway through things.

The second half of the book, although I found it slightly slow-paced compared to the first half, still stunned, clobbered and made me drool.

Bartholomew Claver continues to grow in strength, and Sir Volvalt and his loyal crew continue to do all they can to prevent his growing influence. However, it’s clear that they’re fighting a losing battle, as the end of the Empire of the Wolf is in clear sight.

In my opinion, the use of Helena’s POV to narrate the entire plot is still a brilliant story-telling ploy. Although, this time, it seems more vivid. I suppose it’s the improved writing that does the trick. Either way, it’s a terrific narrative style, and the entry of more characters into the mix gives it a much-improved flavour.

Good job, Mr Richard Swan. Us fans of yours eagerly anticipate the coming of nightfall to the Empire of the Wolf.


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