The Warrior Prophet (The Prince of Nothing #2) by R. Scott Bakker

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A world painted so vivid, like brushstrokes of paint on canvas; characters so real they seem to live as people in your imagination.

In The Warrior Prophet, R. Scott Bakker continues the surrealistic epic begun in The Darkness That Comes Before, told in poignant prose reminiscent of a fever dream in the second installment of The Prince of Nothing series.

It becomes very clear from the beginning that the author has begun to expand his already diverse characters adding a certain thrill of perceiving events from a never before seen perspective like the Galeoth Prince Coithus Saubon and even giving more voice to frequently (and often not so) heard characters like Esmenet and Drusas Achamian. 

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The march for the fabled holy city of Shimeh and the Holy War continues, and evermore so subtly, he teases us with glimpses of the world before, the path taken by the ancients as they flee the No-God in the first apocalypse.

Anasûrimbor Kellhus continues to show the men he marches with awe, truth, and insight. At the same time, he uses his gift of words to subliminally indoctrinate and dominate, collecting men like one would baubles. 

A continuation of fantastic history, lore, myth, philosophy, metaphysics, tragedy, and bloodshed, as glimpsed from the first book, coupled with amazing battle scenes poetically described. I can’t sing praises enough for this series!

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I highly recommend The Warrior Prophet- read it to believe!

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