Infinity Gate (Pandominium #1) by M. R. Carey

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This is a high-quality hard Sci-Fi offering, and it’s told through several vignettes that are excellently structured with immaculate research in both setting (the premise and plot being set in my familiar Nigeria) and characterisation.

Infinity Gate is a story that fuses concepts of Quantum Theory, Multiple-worlds Theory, Sentience, Artificial Consciousness and Philosophy of Ethics and Morals in a gripping premise of a multiversal war between machines and human sentients (with a unique outlook).

Infinity Gate starts off with the tale of a misanthrope particle physicist, Hadiz Tambuwal, who inadvertently develops a form of inter-dimensional travel from a branch of continua in which the Earth has been ravaged by severe climate crisis and sociopolitical upheaval.

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The plot is very well-paced, and the protagonists/characters are complex, with expertly thought-out life experiences and inner monologues of both the organic and inorganic types.

After quite the frantic buildup, it morphs into a thrilling story of a war between the greatest inter-dimensional empire to ever have been and a rising machine hegemony culminating in an unexpected and delightful twist of an ending. 

Infinity Gate is highly recommended.

Khalid Muhammad Abdul-Mumin

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