A Return to Westeros: Major Talking Points in House of the Dragon

House of The Dragon

The dissatisfying end of the Game Of Thrones TV show led every fan to ask, “won’t House Of The Dragon be the same?”

The House of the Dragon series meant a return to the Westerosi world- a world where all men must serve, and your service is going to be a gory one. But will House of the Dragon be as amazing as the first five seasons of Game of Thrones, or will it be a huge disappointment like GOT’s last three seasons?

Gore…and more gore!

The first episode of HOTD undeniably had everything that made GOT GOT, the chopping of body parts, a friendly tourney turn bloody, and a brief lesson in what complicated childbirth looks and sounds like.


And then, there’s the dragons. We got a glimpse of two of these beautiful beasts in the first episode, and HOTD looked more promising. More than ten dragons are scheduled for this show, with the creators of HOTD promising their viewers a dragon battle, which GOT definitely did not have. 

Bring on the villainy!

The first episode reminds us why we got hooked on GOT and its vile characters.

HOTD has characters just as vile, so there will be no shock at the selfish decisions the characters make or the ruthless acts they will do to get what they want.

A father pawning off his daughter and a king betraying his queen are just hors ​d’oeuvre to the main course ahead.

But who’s judging?

Fire is promised to reign in Westeros, and we are all for it. Just like they say in Old Valyria, Valar Morghūlis.

Joanna Olatunji

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