Illborn (The Illborn Saga #1) by Daniel T. Jackson

The reading slump is every reader’s biggest enemy. It’s like a disease and a war that can go on for years. I was progressively losing the battle, unable to read and complete books. However, all that changed when I read the prologue of this book, and my God! What a prologue it was.

From the first few pages of this book, Daniel T. Jackson makes it painfully obvious that he will be able to catch and hold your attention for the entirety of the book. Reading this book felt like fixing a jigsaw puzzle, looking for each piece to get a bigger picture. I was completely at the edge of my seat while reading this book. 


This book is very character-focused. There are four main characters, and each has its own POV. 

The story was very unpredictable. I could not predict a single thing. Just when you think you have it figured out, the author proves you wrong each time. 

Religion takes front and center stage in this book. It was pretty interesting to explore how religious beliefs influence people’s behaviors, mindsets, and actions.

The religious system was finely crafted, and although I have a few questions, I’m sure they will all be answered in the sequel. 


There are four main characters- Allana, Arion, Leanna, and Corin. Each character’s story starts when they are about to turn 18. We get to see these main characters grow and develop. 


When I first read Allana’s POV, I thought she would be my favorite. 

Allana is a character I would describe as being morally grey. She would do anything to survive. Nothing and no one can stand in her way.

She grew and developed so much from how she was when first introduced at the beginning of the book. 


If you love war, politics, and a coming-of-age story in Fantasy, Arion’s story provides just that. 

Arion grew so much from the hot-tempered and impulsive teenage boy he was at the beginning of the book. Can’t wait to see how he will be in the next book.


I honestly thought I wouldn’t like her, and her POV would be the most boring. Oh, how wrong I was! I absolutely love Leanna, and her story was very interesting to read.

Leanna is as devout as they come and she has such a great personality. 


Corin was raised in a family and clan of warriors, but he was nothing like the rest. He didn’t look or act like them and wasn’t as strong as them. Most would describe him as a coward and an outcast. 

Corin’s character growth and development are one of the best I’ve ever read.

The main characters created by the author are all interesting to read. They all experienced tremendous growth and development already in this first book. I’m so curious to know what would become of them in the second book. 

I loved this book so much and I cannot wait to read the sequel. I hope the author won’t pull a Rothfuss on us, though. 

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