Warcross (Warcross #1) by Marie Lu

This was so futuristic, and I really liked it. It even made me feel like playing Warcross for a little while, but God knows I wouldn’t be caught dead playing a virtual reality game that’s somehow connected to my brain.

But that’s beside the point.

While this was a fun, fast read, there is nothing really special about the book. However, it is a beautifully written book.


I would like to see a future with robots because I find them a bit fascinating. But the major issue I have with robots is that they can take over human jobs and cause unemployment. They also tend to eventually go bonkers, eradicate humans and take over the world.

Due to robots taking over jobs, mc Emika is left without a decent job, so she decides to be a bounty hunter. This job doesn’t go well for her every time, which leaves her broke most times. She was almost evicted from her apartment until she accidentally glitched through a Warcross game. The game creator, Hideo Tanaka, enlists her help to catch the person responsible for hacking and gaining information from the Warcross code by going undercover by competing in the Warcross games.


It was simple, and since it was in first-person POV, there were a lot of internal monologues, but it wasn’t too annoying. But during the games, sometimes the fight scenes are not too comprehensive. Anytime something important happens when they fight, I sit there thinking, “What the hell just happened.”


They were secondary characters, yes, but they all seemed to revolve around Emika and were not really present in the book unless it related to her someway.

Emika was pretty interesting, with rainbow-colored hair that tempted me also to dye my hair.

I would talk about the other characters, but they weren’t in the book enough for me to know them too well. I hope they’re in the second book more.

What really made me mad was the whole Mojojojo thing. Why does almost all sci-fi have an evil scientist that wants to take over the world? I think I’ve seen Mojojojo enough in Powerpuff girls, and we don’t need another.

Another problem I had was it was a little bit predictable, I could guess who was responsible for hacking into the game, and I ended up being right. That wasn’t really satisfying.

But I still like this book nonetheless.

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