Chief Daddy 2: Going for Broke

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‘I attempted to see Chief Daddy 2

I slept

I woke up

I slept again

I did laundry

I watched TV

I tried to go back to it

I closed my laptop and went back to sleep

Ebonylife shouldn’t have released this piece of garbage, they would have just left the part 1 as it was.’

– @missuskike, 2022 (Twitter)

Spoiler alert!!!

Seriously, I can’t even can with this movie. I mean; to say that the storyline of this movie is too predictable and terrible is to declare that we are in 2022 and we have elections next year.

Who didn’t know that Dammy Baggio and Adaora would get married? Who didn’t know that Famzy was going to get his act together and be responsible or that Laila would come around and be a part of the family?  And why was RMD’s character conspicuously absent? Did he know the end from the beginning?

There were some surprising twists though, like how Ireti’s character went from a sweet and peaceful girl to a vindictive vlogger who had no issues with airing her family’s dirty laundry in the open, like Tinu and Teni’s romance with that guy with a huge mole on his face (Why make him a big deal when clearly, he’s not? Maybe the director has a crush on him, because I don’t understand how and why he gets to ‘chop’ two beautiful women at the same time.), like the entirety of Broda Shaggy’s appearance in this movie (why is he trying so hard to be funny?) and like the whole Dubai scenario, which was terribly uncalled for. What they went to do in Dubai, they could have done successfully in Nigeria without any hassle (why waste money for tickets? Money that they could have used to hire the person that will save the movie).

Ok, Chiefdaddy is gone, the Beecroft family are ready to start spending their inherited money, but there is a big problem. Remember the lady that drove in and looked on cryptically at the end of part 1? Her name is Laila and she is the big problem. She is the CEO and major shareholder of the company and she ready to take all of them to the cleaners, sparing no one. The family lawyer is unaware and it is chaotic all the way, even till the very end.  Dammy Baggio is trying to balance his love life with the pretty Adaora and also a football career with all the perks, including female fans who want him at all cost, Famzy the one hit wonder is trying to get out of the trenches and blow in his almost dead musical career.

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That’s basically the storyline.

The only thing this movie has going for it is the cast. The makers of this movie assembled Nollywood’s finest but sadly, even Nollywood’s finest could not save this movie. Most of the original cast retained their parts with the exception of RMD. It is disappointing that cast members like Ini Edo, Patiene Ozokwor and Nkem Owoh were underutilized.

Remaining cast members such as Ajoke Silva, Rachael Oniga of blessed memory, Kate Henshaw, Funke Akindele-Bello, Shaffi Bello, Zainab Balogun, Mawuli Gavor, Falz the Bahd Guy, Dakore Akande, Ihuoma Linda Suleiman, Beverly Naya, Beverly Osu, Nedu Ani, Chigurl and new cast members Rahama Sadau, Uzor Arukwe and Broda Shaggy, did the best they could. It is not really their fault; the movie was broken from the beginning.

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Avoid this movie if you can, you are not missing anything if you don’t see it.

3 stars. It should have been lower than this, but the costumes are lovely!

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