Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Movie Review)

Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance with Somebody

Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance With Somebody was tear-jerking, breathtaking and humbling. If you are not feeling the tears between the scenes, by the end, you will.

The set and the reimagining were superb, and I loved how they seemed to use television sets to tell the story throughout the movie. Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance With Somebody also opened my eyes to how artists pick songs. I assumed they read the lyrics, and if they liked it, they sang it. I didn’t know it was sung and then played for the artist to listen to.

You might think yourself a good singer, heck, you might even be a musician, but you hear Whitney, and you just want to sit down and soak it in or stand up and shout at the top of your voice because what a voice, what a voice!

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Forty-eight is such a young age to go. It is also saddening that just when it seemed she was picking up again, it happened, leaving her daughter alone, and we know what happened to her. Her voice, The Voice, would remain legendary, and we can find comfort in her melodies and how they helped us express joy, love, pain, togetherness, and growth.

There were things I wasn’t expecting, like Robyn. Was I the only one who didn’t know that? I am definitely going to go and read up on that because I never heard anything like that about her. It would be easy to blame Bobby Brown; he aided her even though he wasn’t the cause, but even he needed saving and thank God for him.

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I Wanna Dance With Somebody is a tribute to Whitney Houston, showing her at her best and worst and revealing just how much we miss her.

Funke Adegbokiki

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