Movie Review: Glamour Girls

Honestly I don’t understand this movie. It has no head, tail, middle ground or story line. There is no character development of any kind. It’s just as if the producers said, ‘you know what? Let us bring sexy women together, put them in shiny dresses, get them to club every night with the big men of society.

Somebody get Sharon Ooja on the phone!

This movie lacked depth. I doubt if the makers took time to even read through the storyline because there was none whatsoever. Till now, I’m still trying to piece the story together.

A former stripper from the trenches was fired from her job, and she decided to upgrade her life. She meets with the powerful Donna, who reluctantly takes her in, and after a lot of huffing and puffing, she meets Segun, the awkward sugar daddy who upgrades her. There is also the backdrop of the stolen money, which was not clear at all.

In fact, we can say that everything in the movie was not clear.

Why is Nollywood doing this? It is not compulsory to do remakes! It seems as if Charles Opaleke, the producer of this remake, is holding on to straws as it is.

It started from Living in Bondage which was fine, it moved to Rattlesnake, The Ahanna Story, which was also ok, and then it moved to Nneka the Pretty Serpent, which was bad, then this, which is worse.

This movie did not do justice to the original movie at all! Fine, there was a cameo by Doris (Gloria Anozie-Young) and Maureen (Dolly Nwachukwu), the original Glamour Girls, but even this could not save the movie.

I know it is terrible to destroy a production, but this movie is not recommended at all. It does not even come close to the original. I would have loved to see Maureen’s character pay for everything she did in the original and Doris go from grace to grass, but they went through another ugly course.

The direction is bad; no suspense, the storyline is bad, and the acting is awful. I mean, I have seen Toke Makinwa act in better roles. The only people I can exempt from bad acting are Nse Ikpe Etim and Sharon Ooja. And even at that, there is zero chemistry between all the actors. Zilch!

And like I always say, a good actor in the hands of a bad director is equally as bad as that director. These two women put their hearts into this production, but it is what it is. And what is always wrong with that guy with a huge mole on his face? Why is he always shouting whenever he is told to act like a loud and obnoxious Igbo man?

Look at Tommy’s character. Is he meant to be gay or just effeminate? And why was Sharon Ooja’s character speaking inconsistent pidgin? What will it take these producers to invest more in research? I believe that the producers of the original Glamour Girls are not dead yet. Why not borrow a leaf from them instead of producing this garbage that everybody will watch out of curiosity and never watch again?

Starring Sharon Ooja, Nse Ikpe Etim, Jocelyn Dumas, Lynxx, Femi Branch, Uzor Arukwe, Ejike Asiegwu, Toke Makinwa, Amos Gardiner, Segilola Ogidan, Lilian Afegbai, Temisan Emmanuel, Chinomso Young, Gloria Anozie-Young and Dolly Nwachukwu, this movie failed to address the issues raised in the original. It is really just a mash-up of sexy women, old men, unnecessary luxury, terrible storytelling, and bad acting.

There is nothing to look forward to here.

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