My Sister, the Serial Killer By Oyinkan Braithwaite

My sister the serial killer

Quick Question: When you come across this book, say on your social media page or in a bookstore, what’s your first impression?

As for me, the title and the cover design drew my attention irresistibly. I wanted the book almost immediately. I didn’t know what the book would be about and imagined it to be a crime investigation story. However, it didn’t turn out that way.

This book isn’t what I’d classify as a typical crime book. Though crimes were committed, deep and proper investigations weren’t carried out. The investigations were based on a surface level.

This book is based on the lives of two sisters. Ayoola, the younger sister, is the more beautiful of the two and is a carefree lady that does what she likes without thinking about the consequences. She’s their mom’s favorite, to boot, and thinks her sister ought to have her back and protect her.

Then there’s Korede, the older sister, a nurse slightly obsessed with a clean and tidy environment. She is seen as the “protector” who rescues Ayoola and cleans up her mess.

The story in this book takes us through these sisters’ lives from childhood to adulthood; their childhood affected their lives badly and shaped the kind of adults they became.

Korede has always been told she was responsible for her sister (being the big sister), irrespective of anything. As such, she is meant to protect her and always look out for her. On the other hand, Ayoola lived freely and did what pleased her.

Another major thing that shaped the lives of these girls was their father. Reading through the story, one can see how their father’s actions affected the girls. Their father is what I’d describe as a tyrant, who’s a terrible husband to their mother and fails to show love and care to the girls. In all, Ayoola and Korede lacked fatherly affection.

Ayoola is seen as the one to catch the eyes of guys. She is also the one regularly in relationships. Strangely, though, the guys she dates end up dying. Weird right? But then, Korede always comes through to save her. Korede, on the other hand, hasn’t been in many relationships, unlike her sister but has a huge crush on her colleague at work, Dr. Tade. Sadly, Dr. Tade sees her as a close friend and ends up falling for her sister. Would this development cause a strain on these sisters’ relationship? Would Tade lose his life just as other guys Ayoola dated did?

You should get the book to get answers.😉

This book is awesome, and I finished it within a day, which was quite impressive by my standards, given that books usually take me a while to finish. Also, the characters made the book come alive, and it was truly hard to pause reading.

I found Ayoola’s character annoying because of how she behaved toward her sister. The theme in this book was a major highlight for me- the importance of having a healthy environment for kids to grow to become amazing and lovely adults and the importance of parents loving and showing adequate care for their children.

Also, the book talks about how investigations are carried out in this country, which is messed up. I loved the book in all, even though it seemed short. I wish the book didn’t end as it did and more light was shed on Korede’s life. I felt there were still few details to give about her, especially if she found love, which would have been beautiful to see. I’d have also loved to see Ayoola’s character change from what it’s known to be to a better one.

It’s a nice book, and I highly recommend it to thriller lovers. This is one great thriller you’ll enjoy and can be read anywhere and anytime cause of how short and easy to read it is. Do well to read this!

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