Movie Review: Glass Onion

Are you a fan of detective movies (like Enola Holmes) and novels? If so, you’ll definitely want to check out “Glass Onion,” the latest film in the “Knives Out” franchise.

Daniel Craig is back as Benoît Blanc, a world-famous detective. Suppose you haven’t seen the first movie, “Knives Out,” reading this review is not a problem. If you can’t remember what happened in the first movie, that’s not a problem, either.


Five friends have been invited to the island of their eccentric billionaire friend, Miles Bron, for a fun weekend. This group comprises a governor, a scientist, a fashion icon, a social media creator, and an entrepreneur. He promises a game where they must solve the mystery of who killed him. What follows is not exactly what was planned. As the title promises, it’s an onion with layers of betrayal, friendship, and greed.

I love detective movies and “whodunit” books. It’s always fun trying to solve the mystery before the movie ends.

One thing that makes Glass Onion stand out is its ability to keep you guessing until the very end. With unexpected plot twists and plenty of suspense, the two-hour runtime flies by. And while the movie isn’t completely unpredictable, it still surprises in unexpected ways.

Despite a few drawbacks – the ending leaves something to be desired, and there isn’t much “detecting” in the traditional sense – Glass Onion is definitely worth a watch.


Glass Onion has a different cast from Knives Out, except Daniel Craig plays Benoît Blanc. It also features actors you might be familiar with, such as Dave Bautista, Edward Norton, and Janelle Monae. The rest, you might know (I do not), include Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom, Madelyn Cline, and Kathryn Hahn.

Like in the first movie, I’m not very sure about Daniel Craig’s acting. Maybe it’s weird seeing him playing something else because of his role as James Bond. Aside from Daniel Craig, everyone else performed marvelously, in my opinion.

The set design is also stunning, adding to the film’s overall atmosphere.


Rating: 8 out of 10.

Netflix makes great movies every once in a while, and this franchise is one of them. Overall, Glass Onion is a must-see for detective stories and mysteries fans. While it may not be perfect, it’s still an engaging and suspenseful film you won’t miss. Add it to your “Watch Later” list on Netflix, and get ready to solve the case!

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